Doors for all shows open at 7:30pm
Shows begin after 8:45 Picton/Cherry Valley shuttle arrives.

Route 1

Wellington Pick Up

Good Place – 153 Main St

7:00 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft  7:45) , 9:30 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft 10:15)

Bloomfield Pick Up

Bloomfield Main St. – the crosswalk at the Post Office

7:15 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft  7:45) , 9:45 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft 10:15)

Isaiah Tubbs Pick Up

1642 County Rd 12

7:30 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft  7:45) , 10:00 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft 10:15)

Sandbanks Provincial Park

Main Entrance Gates
Highway 18

7:35 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft  7:45) , 10:05 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft  10:15)

Hayloft departures to Wellington, Bloomfield & Isaiah Tubbs:

11:15 p:m, 1:30 a:m.

Route 2

Picton Pick Up

Corner East Mary & Bridge St

8:15 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft 8:45pm), 10:45 (arrives at The Hayloft 11:15)

Cherry Valley Pick Up

Intersection of HWYs 10 & 18

8:30 p:m (arrives at The Hayloft 8:45pm), 11:00 (arrives at The Hayloft at 11:15)

Hayloft departures to Picton and Cherry Valley

10:15 p:m, 12:45 a:m

Wellington Stop
Bloomfield Stop
Isaiah Tubbs
The Hayloft Dancehall
Picton Stop
Cherry Valley Stop

No Alcohol is permitted on the bus. If you are found to have alcohol on the bus, you will not be permitted into The Hayloft.